Full Newborn Session Guide

Congratulations and thank you for choosing Mahia Keller Photography to photograph the quickest stage of your child’s life … the first few weeks.

Newborn Photography West Lafayette, Indiana

Feeding your baby -

Understandably, babies at this age aren't typically on a feeding schedule just yet but depending on how far you are from the studio, try to have baby ready to eat as soon as you arrive. If you are a nursing momma I have a private area to sit with your little one to do so. I find it's best to undress baby once you arrive prior to feeding them in order to not wake them after they have full tummies. I do like to photograph a newborn in one or two of the specially made outfits in my client closet and/or in one of the many wraps in the studio. (A mini session will only be wrapped)

Wardrobe for parents/siblings-

 I use neutral, black, gray and/or white backgrounds for family/sibling shots. I find that plain, solid colors or all white photograph the best for your first family photo. Also, I recommend an extra set of clothes for the parents is a good idea, just in case. ;) I will have the heat turned up higher than normal in order to keep baby comfortable. This means we all may be sweating and uncomfortable but will keep your baby happy and reduce uneven skin tones in your images. I try to do all family poses in the beginning so not to be sweating for those precious moments with mom/dad/siblings. Mom, Dad, and siblings are always welcome to join for pictures with baby at no extra charge in a full session. (siblings there is an extra charge for a mini session)

We work on "Baby time" -

Please know that there is no rush with a newborn session. I like to give special attention to each client, especially newborn sessions. I do not mind waiting for you to nurse or change baby, or taking a break to soothe your baby. Please plan on a minimum of 2-3 hours for a full newborn session. Mini Newborn sessions will stop at the 90 min mark.

Messes Happen -

When doing poses where baby is undressed, it is normal (and okay!) to encounter pees and poops on my backdrop … or anywhere else. I can assure you this happens all the time and being a mommy myself am quite used to it. I have wipes and paper towels but please bring with you baby wipes, extra diapers and a towel if you your baby requires a specific brand. After each newborn session I am sure to launder all of my backdrops and other items the baby comes in contact with. This is included in the session fee for a newborn session.

A fussy baby -

Sometimes babies can be fussy. This can sometimes stress a new mom out and she may think "this won't work", or "only my baby is likes this" which is furthest from the truth. This could be because of over stimulation, needing to nurse, too cold, gas, they prefer to be swaddled, or simply because mom is too close. Yes, mom being too close. If you are breastfeeding and near your baby, he/she may be able to smell your milk even if it’s not time to eat again. For this reason, I prefer to pick up baby for positioning (with your permission). If your baby is using a paci, please bring one in case we need it. A newborn session is done on baby time and I'm ready for whatever comes our way ;)

Music/White Noise

Playing soft music or white noise can help bring a peaceful environment. You will find I may use this to help soothe your little one to sleep.

Siblings -

Newborn sessions can get lengthy. I like to get the majority of family and sibling poses out of the way in the beginning so that older siblings can either leave with another parent or family member or if you choose they are welcome to stay in the studio with supervision. Please bring something for the older children to do while they are not being photographed. Crayons, mini board games, and books are good choices. 

"Must have" shots -

Newborn sessions aren't always predictable. For this reason, there are no guarantees on any specific poses. If you have anything specific you are wanting (colors/props/poses, etc) please make it known prior to your session so that I am able to do my best to try to accommodate. 

Safety -

Safety is my number one priority when it comes to baby and that requires hands on or near baby at all times. I usually have an assistant with me to help with this, but if that's not possible, I may ask you or your partner to help spot for me.